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Coherent Media are a content consultancy. We help you tell your stories to your target market and stakeholders. We tell stories across channels and make sure that they can be watched, heard and read on a variety of devices.


Consulting Services

  • Develop content strategy for your organization
  • Review your existing content strategy
  • Review your existing website
  • Manage and execute content production - text, images, audio, video
  • Manage and execute podcast production via our sister organization - Profactual
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Why Content

Marketers have been turning to content to reach their target market because the evidence suggests that advertisements are becoming less effective. With content, it’s important to gain trust and hold the attention of one’s target market instead of grabbing attention as one would with advertising.

Furthermore, marketers need to approach content with the mindset of a publisher where the goal is to establish ongoing trust relationships with consumers beyond a sales cycle. Create content that addresses their current needs.

Research from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University suggests that a brand’s credibility grows in the minds of consumers the more they consume the brand’s content. Furthermore, the driver of consumption is the perceived usefulness of the content.



Kelvin Param

Kelvin is a podcasting and content strategy consultant with strengths in content production, solutions architecture for media-rich systems, social media, and analytics. He has more than 20 years of experience in Digital Media and Info Comm Tech (ICT).

Lydia Massang

Lydia is a registered psychologist with a background in human resource consulting. She has an indepth understanding of the dynamics of online forums.

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Photo by Kelvin Param